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Our History

Thirty five years ago, opened in the industrious “Garment District”, Charisma Furs evolved as one of Toronto’s leading fur manufacturing companies. Over the years, this family business has thrived by building and maintaining loyalty to their long serving clientele.  They pride themselves by providing excellent service and detailed workmanship. Specializing in custom-made apparel and interior design products they suit the needs of the modern day customer.

Charisma Furs has established themselves successfully in the manufacturing and wholesale of Canadian apparel. Not only do they excel in the production of custom made garments and accessories, Charisma is internationally recognized in the fur trade industry. The process of manufacturing fine furs is combined by fusing their distinct designs with the use of quality Canadian materials.

“The Factory” is the nickname for the Charisma Furs manufacturing workshop, consisting of special machinery and equipment that contributes in the daily production of customized furs. The Charisma Furs showroom and “The Factory” is situated in the Fashion District of downtown Toronto.

Charisma Furs has the best hand-picked designs and collection of up to the minute styles and timeless classics.  Every year, they come out with a new collection based on the current trends and inspirations. They attend fur fairs, tradeshows, auctions, and galas to keep themselves involved with what’s new in industry.

Charisma Furs is excited to embrace their Canadian heritage by offering their expertise knowledge and exceptional service to their ins-store and online visitors!

A note from the owner:
“We take pride in ourselves by providing Grade A quality fur, that is sourced in Canada and made in Canada…after all, we are proud to be Canadian!

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