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Fur Facts |

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Fur Facts

Charisma Furs practices great precaution when sourcing their material. They inhibit a great appreciation for Canada’s rural communities and wildlife.

Fur Facts:
∙ Fur is natural material that is utilized for the use of warmth and fashion
∙ Fur is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource
∙ A fur garment is long lasting, can be restyled and recycled
∙ Fur is biodegradable
∙ The fur trade is strictly regulated in Canada
∙ Does not promote the use of endangered species
∙ Environment Canada & The Fur Institute Canada have coordinated the Agreement on International    Humane Trapping Standards
∙ Agriculture Canada has created optimal standards for the nutrition, housing, husbandry and euthanasia of farm raised animals in production with animal welfare agencies
∙ Aboriginal and non-aborginal trappers hunt beaver and other fur animals for food. The remaining fur provides important income in regions where alternative employment opportunities are scarce.
∙ Meat not eaten by trappers and their families is returned to the forest to feed other animals through the long, cold winters.

Fur Council Canada
5 Reasons for Wearing Fur!
1) Warmth ∙  Fur allows the body to breathe and is an isothermal natural material
2) Comfort ∙  Fur is soft, sensual and with newest technology, fur is light!
3) Fashion ∙  Fur is no longer a luxury,  becoming a “must-have” showcased in hundreds of designers collections
4) Versatility ∙  For daily wear, semi-formal and formal, fur can be worn at any time!
5) Durability ∙  Resilient and long lasting, it can be recycled, updated and restyled with proper care
6) Ecological ∙  fur trade is regulated by the government and veterinary authorities, to ensure that endangered species are never used
7) Social Responsibility ∙  sustainable use of wildlife and social responsibility to rural communities

A new vision of Fur for an Eco-Conscious World
“Most people choose fur for warmth and beauty. Wearing fur also helps to protect nature, by supporting people who live on the land. Because they depend on nature for their livelihoods, trappers have a direct interest in protecting our forests and rivers. They are the first to sound the alarm when these vital wildlife habitats are threatened. For those of us who live in cities, they are our “eyes and ears” on the land. That’s one reason why the regulated and sustainable use of wildlife is supported by the international conservation authorities.” For more information, please visit

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